My first post. Let it serve as my intention for all who stumble into my teensy corner of the world wide web.
May you always find some lesson to be learned, and learn it.
Remember where you came from, and when you forget (because we all, at some point, forget), may you have someone special to remind you.
May each day hold one something that brings you joy and laughter.
May each meal be wholesome and bring you nourishment.
May you create even just one thing, nurture it with all your heart and inspire others to follow the example.


10/15/2010 08:33

Looking forward to reading your inspirations!

11/21/2010 21:05

Thanks Annie!

12/06/2010 15:44

Just wondering if you are okay? Or is this blog not going anywhere? :)

12/06/2010 21:29

Thanks Pogonia! I'm doing well, the back's all better and no more yucky pills thank goodness. I've just had to put the blog on a back burner for a bit but have many posts building up in my mind and soon to materialize before your very eyes. Like I said, it's just a little slow going. I'm also having some difficulty figuring out some of the Weebly features... I'm new to this so please bear with me :). Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

12/18/2010 19:19

Glad all is well now. I'll leave you on my RSS feed and look forward to more from you when you can.


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